November 2, 2016

50 Ways To Make Money If You’re One Of The 175 People Who Have Just Been Made Redundant At Yelp

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Today, Yelp announced they are scaling back international sales and marketing, resulting in 175 redundancies.

To my knowledge, most of these redundancies have been introduced with immediate effect.

I know this because my girlfriend is one of the European Community Ambassadors who has been made redundant.

She had no prior warning. Neither did some of her colleagues.

I have watched Yelp’s marketing efforts slowly dissolve over the last 18 months, and I am not surprised at this result.

Community Ambassadors, Managers and Directors do a fantastic, dynamic job. I have seen the results first hand. I have seen people who have used Yelp to find new friends and explore new interests. I have seen people who have become partners. I have seen people drink too much. I have seen people eat too much. I have eaten too much. I have watched as relationships between customers and businesses blossom. I have witnessed the brilliance of word-of-mouth marketing.

I think a lot of this work has gone unnoticed. It has long been evident to me that there has been a lack of strategic support for Yelp’s international sales and marketing staff.

Maybe you are one of those people who got made redundant today?

Maybe you don’t know what to do next?

Maybe you just need some ideas to help you get started?

I am sympathetic. I also know that you likely possess a tonne of valuable skills. As I said, I have seen just how vast the marketing roles at Yelp are, and I think there are plenty of ways in which you can continue to network, make people smile, bridge the gap between businesses and customers, grow local businesses and have fun while doing it

These are some of my ideas about how you can get started with making money or finding a new job. Forgive the scattergun approach. Some are very specific; some are for the entrepreneurial minded. These methods aren’t for everyone, but hopefully, there’s enough here to spark some ideas and make tomorrow a little easier.

If you need any help finding a job, have other ideas to add or any other feedback. Please email

Where To Go Next? 50 Ideas for Former Yelp Community Ambassadors, Managers and Directors

  1. Look for local marketing jobs at Uber:
  2. Become an Uber driver. After all, you know your city better than most.
  3. Connect with your local Uber marketing manager on LinkedIn. There might be other jobs coming soon.
  4. Look at jobs for Send them speculative applications.
  5. Look for jobs at TripAdvisor (formerly known as the dark side). Send them speculative applications.
  6. Look for jobs with Deliveroo.
  7. Become a Deliveroo driver. After all, you know your city better than most.
  8. Look for jobs with TaskRabbit.
  9. Become a tasker on TaskRabbit.
  10. Set yourself up as a local Yelp consultant. If Yelp is popular in your city, there is nothing stopping you from setting yourself up as a consultant and doing pretty much everything you’ve already been doing, but with an emphasis on helping businesses get Yelp reviews, connect with local advocates and helping local word-of-mouth marketing.
  11. Set up a Yelp business page service. Similar to what is noted above. Except here, all you do is find local businesses who don’t have a Yelp page yet and offer to set them up and help them get their first reviews. You can manage and update their listing for them. Manage their offers etc. You can do this for a monthly fee.
  12. Find a job with a business listing management company. For example, Connectivity, Moz Local, Yext. There are hundreds.
  13. Find a job in a local marketing company (you have probably already been doing local marketing).
  14. Find a job with a local PR company  (you have probably been doing local PR).
  15. Take all the reviews you have written on Yelp, tweak the content into a book format and sell directly as ebooks or via Amazon. You can then market the book with paid local ads.
  16. Find all the local companies who have Yelp stickers in their windows. Contact them and tell them that Yelp are stopping local marketing and they should probably replace the stickers. Find a bunch of other companies who you are already working with locally (e.g., Deliveroo, Tripadvisor, other local services) and offer to replace the Yelp stickers with these more relevant service stickers. Charge a fee to the businesses who you are now getting in local shop windows.
  17. Offer social media management and promotion services to local businesses. Help local businesses connect with potential local customers. You know this stuff inside out.
  18. Offer social media management or event management services to the businesses you have already worked with. They will already know the kind of things you can do because you have already helped their business while working for Yelp.
  19. Look for local independent city or state review websites or magazines and see if they need help with content like writing blogs, articles, features or reviewing local businesses.
  20. Start a local reviews website. Get money by charging businesses for features or making money through local affiliate deals. See this for inspiration:
  21. Find the biggest conferences or events in your city and see if they have jobs. You have plenty of experience.
  22. Find the biggest conferences or events in your city and offer them social media management.
  23. Start a monthly newsletter about all the things to do in your city. Charge for advertising.
  24. Start a local subscription box business. Use all your existing contacts to build a subscription box that supports local produce or goods.
  25. Put “Just made redundant from Yelp” on your LinkedIn profile and make it clear you are looking for work. People will help.
  26. Sign up to freelance websites like upwork, or Bid for location based marketing or sales work. Set up your own sales or marketing gigs on those platforms.
  27. Contact all your former Yelp Elites. Thank them for all their support and effort. Let them know your position and ask them to help spread the word that you are looking for work. They will recommend you.
  28. Write a list of 100 hidden gems in [your city]. Sell it as a gig on Fiverr. Or set up a basic one-page website or landing page and sell the list.
  29. Maybe you have other skills. Maybe you are also a DJ or artist or singer or music consultant or designer. I don’t know. Maybe you can contact all the businesses you have previously worked with and let them know you’re now available to do those things because you no longer work for Yelp.
  30. Try and get a job as a Google Local guide.
  31. Group together with some former colleagues, write a book on all the things that worked or didn’t work as a Community Manager. Sell those insights directly to Yelp’s marketing and sales heads in the U.S.
  32. Offer local PPC advertising services (if you’ve been using those skills already).
  33. Offer local paid social advertising services (if you’ve been using those skills already).
  34. Become a local source of lead generation. Use your networking and connection skills to help connect businesses in need of each other. Make money via referrals.
  35. Start setting up local networking dinners. There’s a great book on how to do this call Mastermind Dinners. Charge for attendance.
  36. Make money through affiliate deals. E.g. right now, Wiggle want introductions to businesses in the U.K.
  37. Write a business improvement proposal for all the local businesses you know are performing badly on Yelp. Give them a sample of your work and then sell the full document to them at a higher cost. Or charge a consultancy fee to help them improve their business.
  38. Produce a course on how to create, optimise and manage Yelp business pages. Charge for the course on sites like Udemy and Coursera.
  39. Become a local tour guide. Look for local tour guide jobs.
  40. Set yourself up as a guide on Vayable.
  41. Start a local blog. Contact all your former elites and hire them as bloggers. Charge for advertising on the site and split the revenues.
  42. Sell all your leftover Yelp merchandise on eBay.
  43. Reach out to all the U.S Community Ambassadors, Managers and Directors. See if they need help. Offer them support with admin or local marketing. IT IS CRAZY TO ME THAT YELP HAVEN’T ALREADY CONSIDERED THIS FOR PEOPLE THEY ARE MAKING REDUNDANT. If someone from Yelp wants to talk more to be about this, I have ideas for you. Email
  44. Sell leftover Yelp merch to U.S Community Ambassadors, Managers or Directors.
  45. Set up a business listing management service. Charge local businesses a small fee for maintaining their listings on Yelp, Google, Apple Maps, etc.
  46. Charge for local business consultancy. Set yourself up on Answer local business questions on Quora/LinkedIn to drive traffic to your Clarity page.
  47. Use your network to built a local Etsy that showcases work from all the great people you have met and worked with. Charge a small fee for your efforts.
  48. Contact companies you have formerly worked for with Yelp. Tell them that now you have left you can also get them set up on TripAdvisor for a small fee.
  49. Contact all of your Elites and local Yelpers. Tell them you are going to start your own local events company. Ask them to join an email list. Charge a membership fee.
  50.  Find a job you want in Yelp U.S. Apply today. Move country. Maybe do that after the presidential race has been decided, though.

I am sorry that today may have been bad for you.

I am optimistic that tomorrow will be better.

Email me for all feedback, thoughts and additions to this list

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