The Worst Time To Laugh

She started laughing out loud at the person who had just died next to her. Behind the curtain, a family were howling. On the other side of the curtain, there were hands over mouths and red faces all around. I think we were really just laughing so that we wouldn’t cry. The […]

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When You Are The Problem

Check out this guy. He left a comment on a Kickstarter campaign that I am contributing to. I am not going to tell you the campaign because I intend to become a millionaire re-seller. (Ok. It’s a product which charges phones at double speed…) The products were due to be delivered […]

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How Do You Judge a Toilet?

There were two framed certificates on the wall. “Loo of the Year Award – 5 Stars – 2011” “Loo of the Year Award – Platinum – 2014”. My immediate thoughts were: What happened in 2012 and 2013? Why the hell had they lost their Platinum status this year? I looked […]

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Halfway Crooked Neck

Two times this last week I have been out running and have been re-routed through curiosity. The first was a week ago. I took a new running route and at some point, my flow was rudely interrupted by some unwanted commotion which penetrated my headphones. It sounded like hip-hop, so […]

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