How To Speak In The Giving Language

It’s easy to take from a conversation. Just say shit like “Why?”, “How?”, “When?” and “Who?”. When you do this, you’ll get some basic responses. The other people in the conversation might even humour you with a half-assed reply. They won’t give you the real answer you’re looking for though. So […]

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How Not Going To University Affects Your Life

I never went to University. I did once write a dissertation for my girlfriend about Marvin Gaye. Not going to University was a tough decision. Here’s what I learned. 1. You get frustrated with people who have degrees but don’t use them. It’s frustrating when someone who has spent 3 […]

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28 Lessons from My 28 Birthdays

1. Gifts are still good. This never changes. I love gifts. 2. You should really save all your money. You get so much money as a kid. I wish I had saved more. I have no idea what I’ve spent all my money on. I bought a phone for £170 […]

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The 4 Different Types Of Honesty

When someone uses the phrase, “Let’s be honest…”, it actually means this: What I am about to tell you is agreed between us both as being the truth. Even if it’s been unspoken thus far. However, I am going to append this conversation with something artful which positions me in a positive light. Even […]

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