What Kind Of Secret Should You Keep?

I’m good at keeping secrets. Because I have a terrible memory. I also don’t think people like to tell me secrets. I don’t like to keep them. Too much weight. Please don’t ever tell me secrets. I’ve experienced how secrets can ruin families. I’ve experienced secrets that cause more pain […]

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Will I Die In The Next 5 Years?

Today, I logged out of a Microsoft email account and was greeted with the MSN news screen. “Will you die in the next 5 years? Take the test!”. I did not take the test. I wonder where the inspiration for this test came from. Caitlyn Jenner must have had a quiet […]

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“I can’t do it! I can’t do it! Muuuuuuuuuuum I can’t do it”, he said. “Well Johnny, you just have to try. If you fail you try again. Then if you fail again, you try again”, she said. I heard this on a train today. It was some little kid […]

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Do We Need Context?

“To help give you some context…” Why do we do this? I do this. I am aware of it. Now I am going to make myself even more aware of it. Maybe that means I can avoid doing it. Or sigh at myself when I do it more often. We […]

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Should You Help People You Don’t Respect?

It’s a horrible moment when you lose respect for someone. It’s like someone presses an “ON” button behind your eyes and you start to see the world completely different. We all approach moving forward from this disappointment in different ways. Some get angry. Some people fire guns. Others get depressed. […]

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I invented a drug. It’s called WriteMore. You take a pill and it cures writers block. Side effects: You can’t stop writing. It means you write shit loads and then have to spend days, maybe even weeks editing what you’ve written. May also cause you to write offensive things. Likely […]

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