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A Marital Tale

I am sitting in a coffee shop. There are two women sitting next to me. They have two kids who are in their buggies. The buggies are placed lengthways side to side and so they have taken up approximately 12 viable seating options at the back of the co…

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Clean Like a Freak

Sophie tells me that I must enjoy cleaning, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. She ignores me when I tell her this is not true. I clean because the alternative is infuriating. I can’t live like a hog. I can’t think. When I sit down to read…

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Live Like There’s No Yesterday

People always say you should live like there is no tomorrow. Perhaps. This is hard, though. To imagine no tomorrow takes a lot of effort. It’s scary. I have a terrible memory. Sophie tells me that I only remember what I want to remember. I wish…

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The Death of Websites

I still don’t really understand the Internet. All that junk. We should just have Maria Kondo step in and sort it out. There’s too much of it now. You know what she’d probably say? If it doesn’t connect with you, get the hell r…

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