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No Other Motives

I don’t have any motives that involve you. Maybe just one, actually. Is that first sentence grammatically correct? Please, someone, tell me. Is it selfish or selfless to have motives that only involve yourself? I don’t really know. I don&…

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The Three Types of Writing

Nothing makes me qualified to write about this. Which is exactly why I am writing about it. I see there as being three types of writing. Knowledge. Heart. Imagination. I am pretty bad at the first one. I have no knowledge. I know nothing. Really, not…

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Saving Time On Prose

You don’t need to describe all the finer details. You know when someone talks to you for ages and you stand there waiting to get away? I hope you aren’t doing the reading equivalent of that right now. If you are, I am sorry. I am sorry fo…

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Adopt Me, Sweden

The news that Sweden has adopted a 6 hour work day didn’t surprise me. Not because I am smart, but because I was reading an article about it during the middle of my very strict writing schedule. I even checked my email after writing that openin…

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