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When Sanaa Lathan Saved The World

I remember thinking, “They look like military planes. That’s unusual”. I didn’t think too much of it. They were dark grey and I’d seen planes like them on Wikipedia. I figured that there must be an air show close by. It …

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How To Apply Advice

I wasn’t completely satisfied when I finished the last article. I felt there was nothing of value for people to go away and test. I like it when I know that people are testing things. It means that new stuff can be created. Just please don̵…

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Don’t Take My Advice

How do you know if someone is manipulating you? I am not sure I know. I am too lazy to play psychological games. I gave up. I just stare at people for long enough to make judgement call. That’s my only tactic. The simplest way for me to navigat…

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Too Much

He had one trolley. The trolley was wide enough to stack one crate on top of another. His boss was shouting at him “More! More!” I think his boss was Greek. Maybe this is symbolic. So he stacked two crates side by side on the width of a …

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