September 1, 2016

What Can Hotels Learn From Airbnb About The Sharing Economy?

Airbnb is now worth more than the Hilton and Marriott hotel groups, combined.

In under 10 years Airbnb has become the biggest hospitality company in the world.

“Have you looked on Airbnb?”. This is a question you’ll both hear and ask in any discussion about holidays.

How has Airbnb grown so quickly?

Why have hotels not managed to achieve the same levels of growth?

Are hotels a thing of the past?

Maybe you’re a hotel professional who is inspired by Airbnb’s journey? Perhaps it’s your mission to add some of the sharing economy’s vigour into your hotel’s marketing activity?

You could be a growth hacker looking for some marketing inspiration. There are a tonne of great lessons that Airbnb can teach us about marketing in the new economy.

Download What Can Hotels Learn from The Sharing Economy? and I am certain you’ll learn at least one thing you can apply tomorrow in your job or life.

I was curious. I was overwhelmed. I continue to be fascinated.

So I wrote this.

I hope you’ll read it.

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